Are Our Golf Programs Right For You?

Over our 20 plus years of teaching experience we have heard a lot from our students on why they choose to participate in our golf program services. The obvious answer would be to either learn how to play the game or to improve ones game, for example the statement we hear a lot is... “I want to hit the ball further”! Well you might be surprised with some other comments we hear about.

Lets start off with our Ladies Only Program which has grown from 18 ladies 4 years ago to well over 100 in 2018. Why? Well there are numerous reasons why they join and here are a few of them we heard…

  1. I have never played the game before and want to learn so I can start playing with my significant other/friends and I don’t want him/her to teach me!

  2. I have a work/corporate event and I don’t know anything about golf and don’t want to embarrass myself.

  3. We join because it is our Ladies Night out and you serve us free wine afterward. (That being said you have to earn it! lol)

  4. I play the game but want to improve (lower my score) and understand the swing better.

  5. I returned the second year as I need a refresher to start my year off.

  6. I have heard Glen/Adam’s instruction and humor are second to none in a relaxed environment.

Golf Mentor has been very fortunate to be recognized as the only two time award winner of Golf Canada’s Facility of the Year. Our team is dedicated to growing the game and the Future Links Program has been a great tool for us. The past 2 years we have made and effort to talk to all parents one on one about their son/daughter participating and asked them why did you decide to sign up? Some of them include…

  1. I play golf and it would be great if my son/daughter would play the game with me.

  2. I never played golf and when we heard about your Discover Golf Day we signed up our kids, they loved it so now we are in your Future Links Program.

  3. I believe golf is a great game for my son/daughter as it provides great life values as an individual sport.

  4. Well, they are definitely not playing FORTNITE all day!

  5. I heard about through some friends so now we are all going as a group, the kids love it.

There are more but you get the idea. The fact is golf programs are for everyone that wants to give it a try. You don’t need to take it up to be the next Touring Professional, you don’t need to take it up to break 100 (in fact you don’t even have to keep score!), and maybe you just want hit range balls every other week. We are finding more and more each year that golf is simply a great social sport that doesn’t need to demand pressure when playing. Top Golf (a booming company in North America) has proven this fact, they are introducing the game to millions of people in a social environment that have not touched a golf club before. It is truly great for our sport.

Bottom line, Golf Programs are for everyone that either want to learn or improve their game. We will guarantee you 2 things…

  1. You will have a great understanding of your golf swing and be a better player because of it. We teach on the “why” factor not just the “do” factor

  2. You will enjoy your experience and yes… wait for it…. HAVE FUN!

Thank you to all those who play this awesome sport, and for those who have never… Give it a try before you give it a hard NO! There is nothing like smashing a ball!!

Simply submit a comment below if you choose so we would love to hear from you.