End Of Golf Season?

Well yes unfortunately it is the end of the golf season here in Manitoba, it wasn’t a great fall but the summer months could not have been better. So what are the next steps for those still interested in keeping the golf game going? Believe it or not the “off” months for golf can be the best way to improve your game. Many times when we teach the things we want to change they take time and repetition and often can’t be fixed overnight when you want to play the next day. The winter months provided you an opportunity to fix those major problems in your swings that you always wanted to but didn’t because of the time or the fear of what you would shoot when you tried it the first time in a round.

Major fixes can be solved with drills without a golf ball in front of you, many times when we try to fix a problem or simply fine tune something we are working on the best way is without a ball. The focus now becomes on the task at hand and not the result of the ball flying to our desired target. Slowing down the process and really UNDERSTANDING what needs to be done in YOUR swing is the proper way to get better. So make it a plan this Winter to understand your swing and what needs to be done for YOU to player better!