Is Your Goal To Hit The Ball Farther In 2019?

Is your goal to hit the ball farther in 2019?

How do you think you should go about trying to get the ball to go farther? Swing faster ? Well swinging faster does help the ball go farther, but how can you do that?

Sports science has decided there are four equal ways to do that. 
   1) Technical efficiency - proper practice 
   2) improved mobility - walking from the coach to the fridge while watching golf is not one of them, stretching while watching golf is a little more recommended

   3)proper equipment - clubs that fit to your swing 
   4) Physical power -  speed + strength = power

I think many believe that 1, 3 are the only ways to do that and forget about 2. The interesting study on this is that all four are equal at improving your swing speed. 

Here are a few results from the study as to where everyone stands

If you are between 17 - 29 the average swing speed is 113 for men and 92.8 mph for women.  The top golfers in the world are 126 and 100.6 respectively

Ages 30 - 50  swing speed is 103 for men and 84 for women. The top is 126 and 98

Ages 50 - 60  is 98.9 and 73.

Ages 60  and up 93 and 72

There is obviously a drop as we age but by trying to maintain our mobility and strength the decline will not nearly be as much.

So if you set a goal of trying to hit the ball farther this year, do not just practice on your swing, remember the other three to help you.

New for the St. Vital driving range will be our App that will have the range mapped out so you know exactly how far the targets are to hit at.