Ladies Only Programs

Launched in 2015 with the Get Golf Ready Program our Ladies Only Program has grown in popularity each year. Are you a beginner? or someone who wants to fine tune their game? Offering a 7 week program and a 3 week program gives you the opportunity to take the program that matches your skill level. Oh.. did we mention that after each class you are served a glass of wine!


Ladies Only 7 Week Program

Whether you have no experience, a beginner, or someone who want to improve and enjoy the game even more this program is for you. Throughout the 7 weeks we will cover all aspects of the game including, instruction, etiquette, equipment and on the 7th week we will take you out golfing! Don’t have equipment? We will supply some to you at no charge.

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Ladies Only 3 Week Program

Our 3 week programs are built for those ladies who are more advanced and looking for some refresher tips and more technical instruction. Video analysis will be used every session to help you understand your swing and the changes we are suggesting.